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From July 26th to August 4th, 2013 back to Livorno ‘Venice Effect’ 2013. 
Every evening many street artists, shows, concerts and exhibitions almost all to free admission.
I’m not gone yet but I’m planning to go during this week to enjoy the show, to wander the market stalls and … eat a lot of fish!!!. A friend of mine, who lives in Livorno, sent me these photos and recommended a few places to eat. The third and fourth photo were taken near the church of S. Catherine, this trattoria serving typical food, in the second photo there is the fish market with a small restaurant with outdoor seating to enjoy various fish dishes (my favorite is the fish soup calling Cacciucco, a typical dish of the place) and on the terrace is possible to taste the craft beer of the Clandestino Brewery’s.
In the first photo another restaurant called Cantina di Venezia.
I think I’ll try the fish market…

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