Cheese tasting in Tuscany

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An old Tuscan proverb says: “Don’t let the farmer know how good is cheese with pears”. This is because the cheese since the time of ancient Greece was a poor food that was consumed mainly by farmers while fruit trees (gifts which rotted in a short time) were destined to the richer class. This good match is dates back to the sixteenth century, but it is still appreciated and served for appetizers or aperitif along with marmalade or fruit compotes.
During my trip in Monterotondo, in Maremma, the city of my grandparents, I met a shepherd with his sheep cheeses, some made from raw milk, others with pasteurized milk. I’ve been captured by a delicious experiment , Gorgonzola cheese made of sheep milk instead of cow. I bought a several cheeses, some common ones and other particular such as cheese aged in grape skins, the taste in the mouth is a bit alcoholic. The winning marmellade, at least for me, for this last kind of cheese is the spicy chili jam while I really liked the gorgonzola with Williams pear jam (this pear is juicy, clear and very sweet).
Try to combine cheese with jam and discover your winning match!!                              

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